New iteration of #ARU10DoT for March!

We’re running another iteration of Ten Days of Twitter for Anglia Ruskin in March!

If you’d like to encourage your colleagues to join you on Twitter, if you’d like to go over some of the Days again if you missed some of the programme, or even if you’d just like to follow colleagues’ progress on the #ARU10DoT hashtag and encourage them as they join the community on Twitter, then spread the word, or join us!

The programme will be launched on 17th March, and participants can register on the Anglia Learning and Teaching website. If you just want to follow along, make new contacts and offer support and encouragement, then keep an eye on the programme blog here, or follow us on Twitter @ARU10DoT and using the #ARU10DoT hashtag. This iteration will be tailored for academic staff, but others are welcome to join us too.


2 thoughts on “New iteration of #ARU10DoT for March!

  1. Thank you! I’m very glad to hear that you found it helpful and it’s so nice to have such a ringing endorsement!

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