Digital Badges

Digital badges are ‘official digital credentials to verify skills, competencies, professional certifications, licenses, course completions, involvement in events, programs and activities, and much more’ (Credly, 2017).

Several websites offer the ability to create and manage Digital Badges but the one chosen for #ARU10DoT is Credly. You will need to set up a Credly account to receive your Digital Badge (if you already have a Credly account, you do not need to create another one). Remember, this account may well be useful for future courses and events, not just this one.

Click on the Credly Logo to watch a video tutorial about how to create an account, then set up your account.

digital-badges-03-credly-logoAccepting the badge is very simple, but here’s a video about how you will do that (click image below)

digital-badges-04-credly-logo-2What can I do with my Digital Badge?

Digital Badges can be added to a variety of social media platforms:

digital-badges-01-credlyHere, for example, is what they look like when added to a LinkedIn profile:

digital-badges-02-linkedinNotice how this list also includes a Digital Badge from!


How do I qualify for daily credit for my #ARU10DoT Digital Badge?

To gain your credit you must follow the instructions at the bottom of each day’s blog post. You will usually be asked to post a link, or leave a relevant comment.

You will only get credit by posting comments on the blog or on Twitter, but not anywhere else.


All tasks must be completed by 5pm on Friday 31st March. This allows an additional two weeks for participants who are unable to finish the course while it runs.

Digital Badges will be issued automatically by Wednesday 5th April. If you do not receive a Digital Badge but think you are entitled to one, please contact Mark Warnes.


Credly, 2017. About Credly, [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27-02-17].

Also, some content plagiarised from 5 Days of Digital Literacy!