Twitter at Anglia Learning & Teaching

The programme has its own twitter account, @ARU10DoT, and hashtag, #ARU10DoT, which we use to update you and bring together discussion around the course.

ARU10DoT is run through Anglia Learning & Teaching. As well as the @ARU10DoT account for this programme, we have our own Twitter account, @AngliaLTA, which you may have followed on Day Three. We tweet about the activities we’re running, but also draw your attention to events and initiatives across the university and externally which concern learning, teaching and assessment. Where possible, we also livetweet from our events and create a Storify of the twitter backchannel to capture the discussion.

If you’re an active, experienced tweeter, or if you took part in one of our #ARU10DoT Ten Days of Twitter programmes, why not join in the conversation on Twitter around Anglia Learning and Teaching? Discuss and comment, ask questions and make suggestions, share resources, exchange ideas, spread news and make new contacts around our University who are interested in learning, teaching and assessment. There are several ways to join in:

1/ Follow @AngliaLTA’s twitter feed for updates about Anglia Learning and Teaching events and news, news from Anglia Ruskin and around the HE sector, and information about events and initiatives from external providers such as the Higher Education Academy and JISC.
2/ Use the #AngliaLTA hashtag. Resources or news about learning, teaching or assessment in HE to share with your colleagues around the university? Tweet about them using the #AngliaLTA hashtag to spread the word among our community.
3/ Livetweet at our events, using the #AngliaLTA hashtag, or #LTAconf if attending our annual conference. Livetweeting is a great way to take notes of seminars or talks for your own interest and interact with others in the audience via the ‘backchannel’ and amplify the event, giving a sense of it to others who aren’t there. For more information on livetweeting our events, see our guide on the #ARU10DoT blog.
4/ Take part in Twitterchats. Live twitterchats are a great way to discuss issues in learning, teaching and assessment at Anglia Ruskin in real time. Twitterchats will be arranged with a theme, and a moderator will facilitate the discussion over the course of an hour. For more information about our Twitterchats, see the #ARU10DoT blogpage. The hashtag for our Twitter chats is #LTAChat


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