Digital Badge Update Week 2

Congratulations to everyone who has completed all ten tasks!

@liama_llama, @mrshannahunt, @jrsvensson, @EdgarKlusa, @nicmil75, @MartinAlpin, @FST_Placements, and @JenLLittle

Your digital badges are guaranteed and will be with you shortly (see below).

Congratulations, too, to the Week 1 completers:

@sarah_elsegood, @richardhayward7, @sarahalle88, @SparklyBooks, @annapajak_, @librarianklok, @ARU_Networking, and @ARU_ARITI

Halfway there (or more!).


Week 1 outstanding tasks:

  Day 1: Username Day 2: Joining in Day 3: Following People Day 4: @messages Day 5: Retweets
@holly_bopp Y Y 1 / 3
@Connect_to_Omair Y 2 / 3
Janet Sinclair-Hilton


Week 2 outstanding tasks:

Handle Day 6: Hashtags Day 7: Pictures Day 8: Managing People Day 9 :Managing Information Day 10: Evaluation
@richardhayward7 #WeNurses Y
@holly_bopp #Optometryhour
@Connect_to_Omair #internetofthings  Y Y Y Y
@sarahalle88 #wednesdaymotivation Y Y
@SparklyBooks #uklibchat Y
@librarianklok #TuesdayMotivation Y
@HiltoJanet Y Y Y

If you believe that you have completed any of the outstanding tasks, please contact me and let me know where I can find the missing posts (if you can provide me with a screenshot this will speed things up!)


Don’t Panic!

Don’t worry if you haven’t completed all the daily tasks yet – there’s still time!

All tasks must be completed by 5pm on Friday 31st March. This allows an additional two weeks for participants who are unable to finish the course while it ran.

Digital Badges will be issued automatically by Wednesday 5th April. If you do not receive a Digital Badge but think you are entitled to one, please contact Mark Warnes.


2 thoughts on “Digital Badge Update Week 2

  1. Hi Mark

    I’ve completed the outstanding activities in order to join the races of getting hold of that badge 😉
    Let me know if I’ve missed out anything.

    Day 2: Joining in tweet


    Day 3: Posting on the blog about 3 people you have followed


    Day 5: Edit tweet with #ARU10DoT before retweeting it


    Day 7: Tweet picture

    I did tweet a picture (see screenshot below)



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